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Chun-Li Xiang

Birth date: March 1, 1968  

Birthplace: China

Height: 5'7"   Weight: N/A

measurements: 35/23/35

Blood-type: A

Relatives: Father (deceased), mother unknown, Pae Lin (rumored: Step Daughter)

Nicknames: Worlds Strongest Woman & First Lady of Fighting

Personality: Determined & very caring

Likes: Pastries & crepes, fruit, anything sweet

Dislikes: M.Bison (duh), drugs/crime, & people who are keeping secrets

Fighting Style: Chinese Kempo

Occupation: Hong-Kong Detective, Interpol agent, cafe cook & Fighting Instructor

Allies: Charlie (deceased), Guile, Cammy, Abel, Gen, Ken, Ryu, Yun & Yang

Enemies: Shadowloo, M.Bison, Vega, Juni, Juli, Juri, Gen, Urin, C.Viper, Seth & Killer Bee (Cammy puppet)

Before the Fights:
Chun-Li has been training since she was five years old. Her father raised her as well as taught her some fighting moves, but eventually later on in life she was taught by Gen.
Li was also a musician. She was taught how to play the ehru, a Chinese instrument.
As she grew older, her father went missing. In order to locate him, she joined ICPO.

Street Fighter Alpha Series (still in work):
Chun-Li started out as a detective and didn't have the right to go after Bison herself. She gained the aid of Charlie, head of the U.S. Air force and left to search for Shadoloo.
After SF Alpha 2 Chun-Li and Charlie split up to search for Bison. Left alone, CHun-li placed bombs all around Shadowloo headquarters, however she then encountered a woman named Killer Bee. After the fight Killer Bee seemed to be acting a little funny and ran off.
Then Killer Bee ran off. Chun-Li finally finds Bison, and prepares for the fight of her life. Bison then states that he was the one whom murdered her father. After a long and painful battle against Bison's PhyscoPower, Bison escaped from Chun-Li's grasp.
Shadowloo's base began to crumble, and as Chun-li escapes, she notices the girl in blue tights evacuating her fellow dolls...
(Else where) Later Charlie was reported KIA to Lieutenant Guile. Determined to avenge his fallen comrade, Guile leaves to track down Shadowloo.

Street Fighter II:
Chun-Li has become an Interpol Agent, she also gained the name "The Worlds Strongest Woman". She continues her search for Bison and Shadoloo. Interpol decided that Chun-Li would need some help with her search, so she teamed up with Guile.
Chun-Li enters the Street Fighter Tournament, for Bison was said to be running the show. Chun encounters many fighters, but Cammy seemed to be Chun-Li's rival.
After defeating Cammy, Cammy teams up with Chun-Li so that she can regain her memory.
Chun-li becomes one of the few finalists and has to fight a man named Vega. She had a hard and difficult fight but was victorious.
As she finally caught up to Bison. Chun-Li finally puts a stop to Bison's rain of terror.
After winning the World Tournament she came upon her father's grave. Chun-Li was finally at peace.
Next day she resigned as an Interpol Agent to fulfill her own life again.

Super Street Fighter IV:
After Chun-Li defeated Bison in the Street Fighter tournament, Chun-Li decides to live a normal life once again. She gets a job as a line-cook/waitress back in her home country. Her co-workers made her feel at home.
However, as time moved on she felt like something was wrong. As Chun-li listens to a nearby radio, a news cast was reporting about missing fighters.
One day as Chun-Li went for her usual walks in the city, she sees a crowd of people forming in one spot. Chun-li shouts out "move it, I'm a police officer". As she made her way through the crowd, she finds one of the missing fighters, still & dead.
Chun-Li then hears a cry for help in another building. Armed robbers are making a hasty retreat in their vehicle. Yun & Yang attempt to make the daring rescue, but before they can do anything Chun-li stops the moving car with her Kikoshou attack.
After disposing the robbers, she is startled by a tap on her shoulder. She looks back and finds her old friend Guile. Guile explains that a new enemy has appeared by the name of S.I.N.
Guile, Cammy & Chun join forces to rid this possible new threat.
But Chun-Li feels uneasy about who really is running the show.

(SSFIV movie events, working in progress)
As they progressed through the SF tournament, with some setbacks (defeated by both Balrog & Cody), Chun-Li is harassed by a fighter named C.Viper. Viper doesn't want Chun to interfere with any of S.I.N.'s affairs, and had to eliminate the pest. Though it wasn't easy, Chun made quick work of the agent, and left in pursuit of her target.
After defeating Viper, she ran across Juri once again. Chun-Li lost focus against Juri the last time they encountered, but this time she wasn't going to lose. After evening the score she left Juri on the floor, wallowing in her own defeat.
Chun-li finally enters the S.I.N. base. There a man named Seth appears sitting on top of some sort of reactor, waiting for her. Seth was interested in how far Chun-Li has made it through, and challenged her to battle.
After a long and brutal fight, Chun-Li managed to defeat Seth. Chun-li now left for the information room. As Chun-li is hacking into the S.I.N.s computer, she finds information about Seth.
But then the room she was in began to fill with toxic gas. Vega (who was thought to be dead) has activated an alarm, trapping Chun inside. Chun-Li begins taking pictures on her phone so that she can send them to Guile. Chun-Li began to tire out as she was talking to Guile.
As Chun-Li losses consciousness, she is picked up by a shadow (Gen by the way). Chun-Li then wakes up in Guile's arms. Chun-li ponders what has happened, she finds a man by the name of Abel standing next to Guile. The S.I.N. base has been destroyed, along with Seth and everything he worked for.
Long after the events, Chun-li enters Guile's car, telling him that her duty is not yet finished, and that she still plans to continue her detective work until she is sure Shadowloo is brought down for good.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike:
The years have passed, and Chun-li eventually retired from her line of duty. She now teaches the children of her home town in China, she even adopted a young girl by the name of Pae Lin. The girl reminded Chun-li of herself when she was young, and so wanted to be a part of her life.  
But one day Pae has been kidnapped. A man named Urin was determined to defeat the Legendary Chun-Li. The man heard of Chun-li's legendary status as the Woman who took down an evil corporation.
Chun-Li enters the Street Fighter tournament once again to save Pae from this mad man.
She fights a number of competitors ranging from big to small, powerful and strange. Eventually she found Urin in a distant forest. Urin begins bragging about beating the Legendary Chun-li, but ends up eating his own words.
Her student is safe and sound but now she must face the final fighter, Urin's brother, Gill. The man was colored in blue and red and had strange powers. He proved to be stronger than anyone she has ever faced in her life.
Chun-Li manages to pick up the win, luck was on her side.
After the Tournament she took Pae back home.

Other facts:
(under works)
All information was picked up from the games them selves. I just took them and organized them by the events of the time line.
The story plots are all official too the games themselves. Data will be updated once I have the time.

Info by, Capcom, and SFIV strategy book.
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naruto162 Sep 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Also, wouldn't that be Fei Long movies?
TheToonDevil Sep 16, 2012   General Artist
you'd think so, but there was a screen shot of Chun working out with some other girls in her apartment.
Above her bed was a Bruce Lee poster. I'd say it was Fei, but the image was a exact copy of Enter the Dragon.
naruto162 Sep 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, that's just what Fei Long's movies are: parodies of Bruce Lee's. If you look in Street Fighter II Turbo #3 (comic book published by UDON), you'll see movie posters that are based on Bruce Lee movies: The Huge Boss, Gameshow of Death, and The Shanghai Connection
TheToonDevil Sep 19, 2012   General Artist
I've only read the Legend series from UDON. But I have seen alot of the screen shots.
naruto162 Sep 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
She's also used Tai Chi
TheToonDevil Sep 16, 2012   General Artist
They actually changed it to Chinese Kempo. But I know she doesn't use kung-Fu, as she mentions in SFIV.
naruto162 Sep 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Great job man! :headbang: Thanks for all the info. Interesting to know that she and Fei-Long have one thing in common. They're both Bruce Lee fan. Btw. I've gathered that one the styles she practices is Chinese Kenpo. But who taught her Tai Chi Chuan? :?
TheToonDevil Dec 17, 2011   General Artist
Supposedly Gen taught her most of her some moves. Her father taught her a bit, but not much.
She eventually trained herself, so eventually she developed her own techniques on the way.
asi es,oficialmente es ella quien derrota a Bison,Urien y Gill.excelente trabajo
that is right officailly is she who defeats Bison,Urien an Gill.excellent work.
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